Passion for Fashion with Misha Kaura

Misha Kaura Interviews Scientist Dr. Luz Claudio of the Mount Sinai Medical Center

Episode Summary

In this episode, Misha Kaura interviews world-renowned scientist and fashionista Dr. Luz Claudio.

Episode Notes

Today, Misha Kaura interviews Dr. Luz Claudio. Dr. Claudio is a professor in the Mount Sinai Department of Environmenal Medicine and Public Health and Chief of its Division of International Health. She is a research scientist specializing in the study of how environmental factors affect the health of people who are most vulnerable such as children and minority populations. She is the perfect example of style and substance!

Dr. Claudio has a unique background that encompasses both basic science and clinical research. Her doctoral and postdoctoral training in neurobiology provided her a strong understanding of the requirements of laboratory-based research. Current research is more clinical in nature, focusing on population-based studies on children’s health and health disparities.

Watch her TED talk here: